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Launching Video2Go


The proliferation of new connected devices and Internet content distribution outlets is driving broadcasters and Pay TV operators to securely distribute their content to every screen and any connected device.

To address this demand Motive Television yesterday launched Video2Go, an innovative solution that allows for the efficient and cost effective distribution of content (streaming or download) to any screen and connected device within a designated area, such as a household, a hotel, an airline lounge, a stadium, and so on. Video2Go also enables social media interaction and second-screen type of experiences that are becoming a more and more integral part of people's way of enjoying entertainment, information, and news.

Below in this email is a link to a brochure that provides a brief overview of the solution, the new services it enables, and the advantages it brings to customers that need to engage their audiences with more enticing content or simply increase the reach and penetration of their content and services to all connected devices.

If you would like to learn more about Video2Go please contact Gianluca Ferremi, for Europe, or David Woodman, for the US. You will find their complete contact information at the end of this email.

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Motive Television

pdf Download the Video2Go brochure
View the official Video2Go announcement


Contact information:

Gianluca Ferremi
+34 678 992 748

David Woodman
+1 (617) 733-7191

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