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When I try to describe Motive's business in one short phrase I think of one word - Repurposing.

Tags : Len Fertig
05 October 2012
When I try to describe Motive's business in one short phrase I think of one word, repurposing.

"Motive creates software solutions that allow network operators to repurpose their assets and get new capabilities from existing investment".

This means enabling terrestrial broadcasters to use their existing channel signals and spectrum to offer more content and on-demand services to more types of screens and devices and earn more advertising revenues plus income from SVOD.

It means providing efficient technology solutions to satellite and cable pay television platforms that provide video-on-demand capability through their own existing networks - their own "Netflix" or "iTunes" services without the need to build secondary IP networks.

Motive is doing both today in commercial use - this is not theory but reality.

In all these cases, Motive's particular expertise is in working within the constraints of our customer's existing infrastructure and extending their capabilities.

There is something very green, very now, and very right about making better use of the huge investment in distribution assets made by communications companies in the past, and there is no more financially rewarding way to distribute content.

I believe Motive is in a unique position in being the "use what you have" solutions company and the Motive team is proud to be the repurposing solutions company for television network operators.

Len Fertig

CEO Motive Television