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Gianluca Ferremi speaking at Cloud Computing conference at NAB 2012
Gianluca Ferremi will be a speaker on the ‘Cloud Media Storage & Delivery’ panel at Cloud Computing Conference within the 2012 NAB Show in Las Vegas, Nevada on April 16th.

23 March 2012
Gianluca Ferremi, VP Sales & Marketing of Motive Television, will be speaking at the Cloud Computing Conference, which will be taking place at the 2012 NAB Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas. 

Gianluca will be speaking on Monday 16th April at 2:20pm (PDT time) on the fourth panel covering the ‘Cloud Media Storage & Delivery’ issue. He will introduce the Broadcast and Home Cloud concepts, which are enabled by Motive Television’s patented Television Anytime Anywhere™ platform.

The Broadcast Cloud uses the digital terrestrial distribution system to transport content and data to a variety of devices/screens. It has no need for internet connectivity or added distribution costs. It is ideal for distributing mass audience content. 

Motive's Television Anywhere enables the Home Cloud which uses the Wi-Fi network to securely distribute live and recorded content to any connected device/screen in the home.