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Welcome from Len
Len welcomes Motive’s customers, shareholders, business partners, industry colleagues, employees, and those curious about us to Motive's new website.

08 September 2011
Let me take this opportunity to welcome Motive’s customers, shareholders, business partners, industry colleagues, employees, and those curious about us to our new website.

If you don’t know Motive Television, we are a London-based business group that creates and provides patented software for television companies, like broadcasters, satellite platforms, and cable operators. Motive helps them offer new and better services to their viewers. Motive has offices and research facilities in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Casablanca, and in the future, in the United States.

As those familiar with Motive will have seen, the Company has completely refreshed its branding to reflect the dramatic changes that we have made in the past months.  Motive Television has redefined its vision, reorganized and strengthened the team, and revamped the product line.  We are now ready to present Motive’s innovative products and services in one of the hottest areas in television, what we call Television Anytime Anywhere.

Television Anytime Anywhere lets you watch whatever you want, when, where and however you want to watch it. Television Anytime Anywhere gives television companies the ability to offer these features to viewers reliably and securely, at low cost, using their existing distribution networks.

What this means for TV viewers are new services like video-on-demand movies, catch-up TV, and favorite programs all watchable on any TV screen, iPad, computer, or smart phone. Viewers can control their TV and PVR from anywhere, download a recorded movie or program to an iPad to watch on an airplane or train, or even send vacation videos to their PVR when still on a holiday. And all at very low cost, without the need for any more gadgets. 

Motive’s unique and flexible software is different from the other alternatives being offered to broadcasters, satellite, and cable pay television companies. First of all, as software it is integrated into set-top boxes and other home devices  that receive over-the-air, satellite, cable, and TV internet distribution. Television companies don’t have to build an expensive infrastructure to provide the new services, in fact very often the software that is needed can be downloaded to existing in-home devices.  There are no extra gadgets or “boxes” needed. Secondly, since TV Anytime Anywhere is integrated into the in-place technical system of the TV company, all the content protection and security is maintained.  Thirdly, TV Anywhere is not only a multi-screen place-changing innovation, unlike the alternatives it allows viewers to watch different programs at the same time from the same set-top box. With some hardware boxes being offered in the market, if the parents are watching the main TV and the teens want to watch something on an iPad, they both have to watch the same one program—not a likely preference!

Motive’s TV Anytime has been in commercial operation in Italy by major broadcaster Mediaset since late 2009, and new features are continually being added. Mediaset has even been providing 3D movies every month since October 2010 on a Video-on Demand basis using Motive's technology.  Later in 2011, satellite platform Digiturk will launch services using Motive’s TV Anytime, and this autumn a test of TV Anywhere is scheduled in San Francisco by US broadcaster Granite Broadcasting.  Motive is in discussions with over a dozen broadcasters, cable operators, satellite platforms, and OTT providers for testing and implementation of Television Anytime Anywhere capabilities.

In the broader picture, why is what Motive doing important?  There are several reasons:
  • Global research confirms that TV viewers want more flexibility in watching television, yet don’t want to pay a fortune to have it.  There is a growing trend among viewers, particularly among "under 25’s" who have fast internet connections, to find what they want to watch without paying high monthly bills, and to watch TV on their computers, and mobile devices. Motive provides a way that the broadcasters, cable, and satellite companies can give viewers the services they want at an attractive price, add to their income, and retain existing customers. 

  • In more than 50% of homes across the world, representing a majority of the world’s population, cable, satellite, or high-speed internet is not a possibility because of availability or cost, so television for many people is just a handful of terrestrial channels.  For this audience, which includes much of the developing world, TV Anytime can provide affordable, technically achievable ways to watch enhanced television, like catch-up TV and video on demand, and gives viewers the ability to access a wide range of information and entertainment.

  • Motive’s technology and services provide a way for content producers and television companies to re-purpose their existing program libraries and make more information and entertainment available, more conveniently and flexibly.  This has great business, economic and social advantages.

So in a nutshell, that is who we are, what we do, what we offer to the television industry, and why we believe it is important. 

May I and the entire Motive team welcome you to the new Motive Website and Motive Blog. 

CEO Motive Television