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11 December 2015

Cord Cutters, Apple TV, and the US Marketplace

A recent industry report from PWC, summarized in TBI Vision “16% of US consumers surveyed have ditched pay TV this year, and 23% have scaled down their subscription”.
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10 September 2015

A short history of MTV

Although Motive Television PLC has existed since 2004, it has only been in the digital television technology business for just under five years.
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06 August 2015

Are we nearly there yet?

It's that time of year again when families head for their annual summer holidays to places near and far.
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08 June 2015

Game, Set and Match

So the French Open is now behind us, and for tennis lovers it's now onto the big one, Wimbledon.
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18 March 2015

Motive's Role and Products

Everyone reads the popular press, particularly about television and technology.
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10 February 2015

TabletTV the platform for now and the future

Projections regarding the death of broadcast television and television schedules have become commonplace.
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20 January 2015

What’s a bridge for?

TabletTV is now a reality. Live broadcast TV on supported tablets can be seen in the UK and US. Features will be added over the coming months, and new markets opening up all the time. Tablet TV can be viewed as many things, but one central truth is that Tablet TV is a bridge.
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16 December 2014

Perfect Together: TabletTV UK and YouView

I don’t usually insert my personal experiences into the public domain, but here’s something that happened last weekend.
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21 October 2014

The quest for “Broadcast quality”

Delivery of content over internet connections has been around for many years now. The number of different providers of such content make for a dizzying selection for end users. Some of course have their own content available (such as catch-up services e.g. BBC) while others have branched into this (e.g. Netflix, Amazon etc). For many of these services, content is king, but what about quality ?
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07 October 2014

I want my M(obile) TV – Part 2

Back in February 2012, I wrote a blog discussing mobile TV and the attempts to that time to produce a viable mass market method of delivering broadcast television to portable devices. At that time, Tablet TV was not announced, ATSC M/H was about to launch and LTE Broadcast was little known outside technical specifications and roadmaps. So what has the last 2 years brought ?
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