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“The Mobile Industry faces a serious issue in its rollout of 4G/LTE services to satisfy the growing demand for video services that are consuming a major part of peak time capacity. Based on our expertise in scheduling, managing, and optimising the guaranteed delivery of content Motive has developed a solution to this problem, Mocast, that we believe will result in very large savings in cost and investment, generate additional revenues, and provide a better customer experience”, Len Fertig, CEO Motive Television.

Mocast appication on Ipad
Mocast enables networks to reduce peak demand congestion and most efficiently manage delivery of on-demand video content, thereby cutting investment in capacity, capturing lost revenue, and increasing ARPU, as well as providing a better experience for the viewer. It helps operators retain revenue in periods of service saturation and provide load balancing on their network caused by peak streaming video usage.  Mocast is a software-based solution running on standard network server hardware and operating systems.

The mobile industry has been seeking solutions to balance peak video streaming demand for the past two years; a need made more urgent by the investment in 4G LTE capacity.  Motive’s Mocast is one of the first solutions to this problem.

Mocast enables the managed and scheduled download of content to mobile devices:
•    With a guaranteed and user acknowledged download appointment
•    Ensuring the reception of the purchased content with the best quality
•    Maximizing operator’s management of scarce network bandwidth thus increasing revenue and lowering costs during peaks in demand

The capabilities of the Mocast solution enable:
•    The dynamic management of network parameters to improve viewer’s experience
•    New marketing / pricing models examples:
✓    Frequent user plan with specially allocated time-slots / priorities / quality
✓    Pre- and post-pay options
✓    “Series Link” – automatic download of future episodes of series
✓    Promotional offers of movies the viewer typically likes

Motive's patented technology behind Mocast has been in successful large-scale commercial use in TV broadcasting in Europe since 2009, delivering HD and 3D content to hundreds of thousands of households.